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Yoredale (formerly Old Roan)

Cheesemaker: Curlew Dairy

Region: Yorkshire (Wensley)

Milk: cows

Pasteurisation: raw


One of the great British Territorials, Farmhouse Wensleydale was extinct until relatively recently. The chance discovery of an old recipe led to an intriguing experiment - what happens when you give three cheesemakers the same recipe and set them loose? Old Roan is one of the cheeses born from that experiment and is a far cry from the crumbly, acidic Wensleydale that has become more familiar.

Surprisingly smooth, the flaky paste has a creaminess in texture and flavour. A lactic sharpness cuts through the richness to reveal a hint of grassiness in summer-made cheeses.

Try pairing Old Roan with a light pale or session ale.

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