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Wild Garlic La Bouse

Cheesemaker: Glauser Dairies

Region: Belp (Bern), Switzerland

Milk: cows



A modern cheese, but one of the most seasonal in the counter - wild garlic la bouse is only made for one month each year, when the wild garlic is growing in the valleys.

La Bouse itself is a gentle, very rich and ultra gooey cheese. For this version, a cream is made with curds and fresh, young wild garlic leaves (this is crucial to prevent any bitterness that can come with older plants). A thick layer, sandwiched in the middle of the cheese, brings the pungent, sweet and grassy flavour of the garlic to this fabulous little cheese.

A superstar cheese like this deserves a board all to itself, with plain crackers or dark rye bread - if you can find any, nettle beer makes a great counter to the richness!

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