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Emmental, but not as you know it...

Cheesemaker: Glauser Dairies

Region: Belp, Bernese Alps, Switzerland

Milk: cows

Pasteurisation: raw

Vegetarian: no (traditional rennet)

Forget everything you think you know about 'holey' cheese. This is something a wee bit special. Aged for a little under two years, it has a drier texture and far, far more depth of flavour than the dull, bland rubbery stuff you'll find on a supermarket shelf. Full of grassy, hay-like notes, it brings a little acidity to the palate, balanced with nutty sweetness that lingers. It's more subtle than some aged Alpine styles (which can lean more towards the 'smack-you-in-the-mouth' intensity), but is to be savoured slowly and with great relish.

If you're feeling extravagant, it makes a superb sandwich with some good rye bread, peppery pastrami and a dollop of our Pickles for Cheese...

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