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Gert Lush

Cheesemaker: Feltham's Farm

Region: Horsington Marsh, Somerset,

Milk: cows, organic

Pasteurisation: yes

Vegetarian: yes (microbial rennet)

Cheesemaker Marcus Ferguson often draws inspiration from classic French cheeses, before giving them a unique twist. Gert Lush, his latest creation, is no exception, sitting somewhere between Camembert and St Marcellin - the delightfully delicate little cheese from the Rhône-Alpes region.

Gert Lush takes on the best flavours of it's inspirations - earthy, mushroomy notes of the Camembert style and the brighter, rich acidity of St Marcellin. Beneath that is the buttery undertone that is the cornerstone of so many West Country cheeses.

Fantastic with a lightly sparkling white or a fine cider, Gert Lush is also marvellous when baked (tuck a few Bay leaves around the edge of the cheese, score the top and drizzle with olive oil and season well before baking in a medium oven for around half an hour!)

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