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Cornish Kern

Cheesemaker: Lynher Dairies

Region: Cornwall (Truro)

Milk: Cows

Pasteurisation: Yes

Vegetarian: Yes

Famous for Cornish Yarg, the team at Lynher Dairies found they had a slump in demand for the relatively short-maturation Yarg. The answer was to start making a cheese that would be slower to mature, keeping the cheesemakers busy and using milk that threatened to go to waste during the quieter months. Alpine inspired Kern (the name means 'round' in theCornish dialect) is the result. Released in 2017, it promptly took home Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards that year.

The classically sweet, nutty flavours that characterise Alpine cheeses are balanced and viven gteat depth and complexity by a rich, slightly savoury note.

Serve simply with good biscuits (Rosemary & Seasalt have become a firm favourite in the Truckle Truck house!) and a slightly spiced, aromatic chutney.

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