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Baron Bigod

Cheesemaker: Fen Farm Dairy

Region: Suffolk (Bungay)

Milk: cows

Pasteurisation: Pasturised

Vegetarian: no

A third-generation farmer, Jonny Crickmore diversified his family farm into cheesemaking. Determined to create a truly great English Brie that could rival the Brie de Meaux, they imported a herd of Montbeliarde cattle, the breed specified in the PDO restrictions of the French classic.

At it's best when it is just beginning to ooze and barely holding it's shape but not running off the plate. The cabbage-y notes of the classic Brie de Meaux are certainly present, but balanced with a buttery richness from the paste.

Serve warm enough to ooze with with a crisp, clean Sauv. Blanc or frizzante.

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