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Cheesemaker: Village Maid Dairy

Region: Riseley, Berkshire

Milk: Ewes

Pasteurisation: Raw (Thermised)

Vegetarian: Yes

Inspired by Sardinian Pecorini cheeses, Spenwood is a wonderfully British take on a classic Italian cheese and routinely brings home awards for creators Anne and Andy Wigmore.

Smooth and firm with a little crumbly dryness. The paste has a nutty and savoury note beneath a sometimes quite piquant bite, while the thin rind brings a little farmyard note.

The combination of nuttiness and piquancy calls for a bittersweet accompaniment. Fig-based jams and chutneys work well, with the molasses like sweetness of the fruit. A light, slightly sweet vermouth blanc can bring out the brighter flavours in the cheese.

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