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Gorwydd Caerfilli

Cheesemaker: Trethowan Brothers

Region: Hewish, Somerset, England

Milk: cows, organic

Pasteurisation: raw

Vegetarian: yes (microbial rennet)

Originating in the mining towns around the town of Caerfilli, the cheesemakers moved to Somerset along with the miners when the Welsh industry began to close down. By the time wartime restrictions prohibited the making of Caerfilli, there were only a handful of farmhouse cheesemakers still producing the cheese in Wales. With the increasing interest in traditional and artisan cheeses that came towards the end of the 20th century, new cheesemakers resurrected the almost extinct recipe.

The tradional flavours of Caerfilli are fresh and lemony, with buttery undertones. Gorwydd adds an earthy note close to the pronounced, mottled grey rind, where the flaky, slightly brittle texture of the paste breaks down to become smoother.

A cheeseboard staple, pair Gorwydd Caerfilli with light, crisp cider or slightly drier but fruity wines - try the Dunleavy rosé produced just a few miles away!

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