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You've stuffed the turkey, flambéd the pud, scoffed the roasties and now, finally, it's time for the highlight of the evening: The Christmas Cheeseboard!

With so many amazing cheeses on offer, it's hard to know where to begin, so read on for our handy-dandy guide to getting the best out of your extra special cheeses this year...

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How many cheeses should I buy?

Less really is more, sometimes. If there's a relatively small group of you, 3 or 4 cheeses is ample. For larger groups you can stretch to 5 or 6, but much more than that and the flavours become overwhelming, especially at the end of a big meal!

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How much cheese do I need?

Aim for around 30 - 50g of each cheese per person. That's enough to have a good taste, but not so much that your left-overs box will be getting that oh-so-distinctive whiff.

If you're planning to serve your cheeses over several days, it's sometimes a good idea to get a couple of slightly smaller pieces rather than one very large one, to prevent drying out and cheese 'butchery' at the hands of over-eager guests...

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I can't decide which cheeses to get!

First of all, remember that you're going to have to finish off any cheeses left once your guests have all gone - make sure you get cheeses that you like!

Keep an eye on our All About the Cheese blog, where we'll be highlighting some cheeseboards over the coming weeks, or stop by the Truck to have a taste - we've got some fantastic cheeses coming in to tempt your tastebuds!

The order book is now


You can still find us at markets to buy cheese - check the calendar page for your closest market.

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When should I get the cheese?

As late as possible is always best - you do need to keep your cheese in the fridge but all the coming and going in your fridge at home can dry it out (or it can get munched on...).

Aim for no more than four or five days before Christmas if possible, a week at the most - your last days to pick up are:

Sherborne - Sunday 17th and Wednesday 20th December,

Wincanton - Friday 22nd,

Shaftesbury - Thursday 21st, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th.

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